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You can now browse Classic Driver on a Porsche…

Porsche Design has re-interpreted a wide range of household items, but this is the firm’s first take on a laptop. Has this new piece of automotive merchandise taken things one step too far, or will it be the perfect accompaniment to your Porsche Design Adidas trainers? That’s for you to decide…

Powered by Porsche

While we can’t help but feel that a Porsche-branded laptop should have all its running gear at the rear, the 2,500-dollar Porsche Design Book One features a detachable screen, which allows the user to operate the device as a tablet as well. Running with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, under the ‘bonnet’ of the gorgeous (and impossibly thin) sandblasted exterior is a Core i7 processor and a 512gb Intel SSD. So, just like a 911, its beauty is more than skin deep. 

Photos: Porsche Design

While you won’t find any laptops in the Classic Driver Market, you can browse hundreds of classic and modern Porsches for sale