Which Matchbox Porsches were your childhood carpet heroes?

Whether it was a standard 911 or a 935 Le Mans racer, it’s safe to say that most of us had our first contact with the Porsche brand on our bedroom floors as children. With his latest book, Christian Blanck puts these damaged but much-loved relics in the spotlight…

“Fathers will know about being woken up very early on a Sunday morning by their sons wheeling their toy cars around with carefree abandon,” says Christian Blanck, who drew inspiration for his books from just that. A continuation of his first book ‘Children’s Heroes’, which proudly profiled the scratched, dinged and dented toys from several manufacturers, this new book focuses solely on Porsche. “Doors are missing, the paint is flaking and there are dents and scratches everywhere,” explains Blanck, “all of which reminds us of the days when, hour after hour, we’d pass the time with these toys.” He even thinks that if you look really hard into the headlights of these miniature heroes, you can almost hear the engine noises he made as a child – sounds that he’s never forgotten.  

Further information about the book can be found here.