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All we want for Christmas is this mini Ferrari 330 P2

If your children think they’ll be zooming around in this fabulous 330 P2 ‘Junior’ come Christmas day, they’ve got another thing coming. Its quality and details are such that this would take pride of place in any adult garage…

This junior recreation of the 330 P2, one of Ferrari’s finest 1960s sports-racing cars, was built by the French coachbuilder De La Chapelle in 1988. Its beautifully crafted bodywork is every bit as sultry as the full-size Ferrari, featuring the dramatic aero-foil hoop, working air intakes, and authentic Italian ‘Prova’ plates. It’s powered by what looks to be a lawnmower engine, which might struggle under the weight of a fully grown adult, i.e. you, but should whisk your young children around at a blistering pace. This particular example has apparently only been driven twice solely for the purpose of the listing. Whether you want to give your child a fighting chance at the Little Big Mans race at Le Mans Classic or simply want to admire your own miniature P car, there’ll be smiles all round in your house on Christmas day with this ultra-cool Junior Ferrari. 

Photos: Private Seller


You can find this 1988 Ferrari 330 P2 Junior by De La Chapelle listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.