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Snapshot, 1994: Move along, there’s nothing to see here

What looked like a tragic pile-up involving several especially well-dressed young people was in fact a promotional campaign, with which Diesel caused a sensation in the early 90s. Photographer Pierre Winther was responsible for setting the scene…

In 1993, Diesel jeans engaged photographer Pierre Winther to develop a new visual language and to reposition the brand. In cooperation with advertising agency Paradiset from Stockholm, Winther developed the ‘Successful Living’ campaign, in which he placed young models in some grotesque and provocative scenarios. The colourful, ironic and controversial photo series captured attention everywhere – and helped Diesel to its huge worldwide success. Now, a new photo book evocatively titled ‘Nothing Beats Reality’ showcases Winther’s revolutionary editorial and advertising campaigns, for companies such as Diesel, Dunhill and Finlandia.

Photo: Pierre Winther / TeNeues

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