Snapshot, 1971: Would you get in a taxi with Robert de Niro?

It’s 1971, and on the set of Jennifer on my Mind in New York, fledgling actor Robert de Niro is shooting his single scene, in which he plays a gypsy taxi driver. Little does he know that a similar role will, in five years’ time, make him a certified Hollywood legend…

Michael Brandon, who’s playing the lead character in the film, looks forlorn, and almost aware that Jennifer on my Mind is poised to be panned by the media and a commercial flop. De Niro’s face, however, paints a different picture – one of discovery and hunger. While his career is just beginning, future roles in films such as The Godfather Part II, Mean Streets and, ironically, Taxi Driver, will define De Niro as one of the greatest actors in cinema history. 

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives