Snapshot, 1956: Things are looking up for Moss and Collins

It’s July 1956, and Stirling Moss and Peter Collins relax with their team atop their Aston Martin DB3S, on the grid at Le Mans ahead of the gruelling 24-hour classic. We wonder what’s caught their attention, as the pair gazes upwards into the sky…

Knowing Moss, the subject of the group’s attention could well be an attractive woman up high in the main grandstand but, alas, we’ll never know. What will soon become clear is that, while Moss and Collins will put up a fair fight in their beautiful Aston Martin, they’ll ultimately have to settle for second place, behind Ninian Sanderson and Ron Flockhart’s Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-type. By the end of the year, Moss will have clocked up several wins but the trophy he really lusts after, the Formula 1 World Championship, will once again elude him… by a desperately small three points. 

Photo: LAT Photographic

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