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Rearview Mirror – October 2016 in pictures

In this new monthly retrospective, we’ll be looking back at the month’s key news stories, important events and most beautiful productions. With the events season over, it was up to us to make our own fun in October – a task in which, we’re sure you’ll agree, we succeeded…

At the beginning of the month, we pondered whether this Alfa Romeo 6C is the most beautiful saloon car ever made, and we even asked Paolo Pininfarina to weigh in on the debate. Bella Berlina!

The occasion of the reveal of Range Rover and Zenith’s first project collaboration provided the perfect opportunity to ask the experts just what makes cars and luxury watches go hand in hand.

To mark its imminent 70th anniversary, Ferrari revealed 70 heritage-inspired liveries for its current range of cars. Which is your favourite?

Brexit, a refugee crisis, economic uncertainty – in spite of all Europe’s problems, we wanted to celebrate the advantages of cross-continental collaborations. This ‘baby’ Bizzarrini 1900 GT arose from one…

Unique & Limited’s fabulous new print offers a previously unseen perspective of one of the most storied races in motorsport history: the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix, at which James Hunt clinched the title after an epic season-long duel with Niki Lauda.

Some say you can’t use a classic convertible when the winter draws in, but we beg to differ. To prove our point, we took this sensational Ferrari 275 GTS for an afternoon jaunt around South West London.

This 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT is not only one of many illustrious sports cars to bear Ferruccio Lamborghini’s surname; it was built specially for the Italian industrialist himself.

The face of Porsche’s official motorsport posters after winning the European GT Championship, this Kremer Porsche 911 RSR boasts, as our UK Editor Joe Breeze described, a ‘giddying provenance’.

After 10 years at RM Sotheby’s managing the auction house’s European activities, Max Girardo established his own eponymous classic car dealership in South West London. We paid a visit…

What does Lamborghini mean to you? For us, this brazen, bright-yellow (and sadly stillborn) Diablo GT1 definitively answers the question.

Some people celebrate Halloween by dressing up as a ghost or a zombie. We chose to take a menacing all-black Aston Martin V8 Zagato to deepest darkest London. Enter ‘Zag the Ripper’.

Photos: Rémi Dargegen, Ferrari, Zenith, Tom Shaxson, Unique & Limited, Tom Horna, Alex Lawrence, Frederico Bajetti.