Paul Newman is the subject of thrilling new ‘Racing Life’ docu-movie

‘Living the dream’ is a heavily over-used phrase. American actor Mr Paul Newman, however, lived life to the full not just on the big screen, but also on the race track – brilliantly captured in a new docu-movie…

An Academy Award-winner boasting a 50-year career in Hollywood, the late Paul Newman was well known for his talents as an actor, starring in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke and The Towering Inferno. He was also a dedicated philanthropist and successful sports-car racer, winning four national championships during his 35-year track career. In this production by FilmBuff, the views of stars such as Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Mario Andretti are supported by glorious period footage of Newman in action, behind the wheel. Winning – The Racing Life of Paul Newman is due in cinemas on 22 May.

Photos: RexFeatures