Party drugs and free love – the magazines of Generation LSD

Anyone who was young (and not too hung up) between 1967 and 1972 could have a lot of fun. Along with the ‘sexual revolution’ came new drugs, such as LSD, that among other things inspired new and experimental magazines.

If you can remember it, you weren't there

‘Way Out’, ‘Groovie’, ‘Where It's At’ – hardly anyone can (or wants to) remember the titles of these men's magazines. Yet in the years 1967-1972, as the hippie movement of California spread the message of free love and the psychedelic expansion of consciousness, these colourful publications had a huge following. The journalists aimed to convince more conservative readers of the joys of LSD, showing images of scantily clad, often stark-naked flower girls who danced across psychedelic backdrops, high on drugs. Now, Taschen has published a picture book dedicated to the magazines, comics and posters of those times, filled with provocative – but artistically playful and ultimately harmless – motifs.

Photos: Taschen Verlag

The book ‘Psychedelic Sex’ is published by Taschen. For more information, see