Mr Spock, Captain Kirk and the stolen Buick

Through unerring logic and rational brilliance, Leonard Nimoy earned an eternal place in the heart of the Star Trek community as ‘Mister Spock’. The actor passed away on 27 February 2015…

On screen, he moved through space at the speed of light – but in the real world, Nimoy used a Buick Riviera as his daily ‘particle accelerator’. As recently reported by Jalopnik, Nimoy also used a bike to shuttle around the set, which was repeatedly stolen by his eternal friend William Shatner, much to his annoyance. Eventually, Nimoy attempted to bring Shatner’s shenanigans to an end by locking the bike in the boot of his Buick. It failed. Shatner simply ‘borrowed’ the Buick, too.

We find this behind-the-scenes anecdote fascinating; a fitting way by which to remember Nimoy, and give him one final Vulcan Salute.

Photo: Everett Collection / Rex