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Let Hedonic by Serge Heitz individualise your world

Personalisation is so much more than an options list in this day and age – it’s a lifestyle. That’s the concept behind Hedonic, a new lifestyle brand created by the Classic Driver dealer and Porsche specialist Serge Heitz that aims to individualise your world…

The pursuit of pleasure

Hedonic – the word derives from hedonism, the ancient Greek teaching that suggests the pursuit of pleasure is the purpose of human existence. The new brand, which was founded by the Classic Driver dealer Serge Heitz and operates from a flagship concept showroom in Cap Ferret, takes customisation to the next level. As such, it encompasses not only cars but also essentially any object that can be personalised, from motorcycles and scooters to skateboards and surfboards.

The future of luxury? 

Working closely with a mix of artisans and established brands, Hedonic’s sole objective is to create ultra-high-quality objects that are both aesthetically and technologically unique to the client with regards to their personality, tastes, and needs. “For us, personalisation is the future of the luxury world,” Heitz told us. “Exclusivity is what our clients need and Hedonic’s concept can be applied to a manner of vehicles while adhering to our high standards of precision and quality.

Just the beginning

Heitz, whose automobile consulting business specialises predominantly in air-cooled Porsches, has inevitably got the Stuttgart manufacturer on side and is already working with other brands to develop a host of innovative and interesting products. These include an amphibious car built in collaboration with Ludovic Lazareth.

Photos: Nicolas Seurot for Hedonic by Serge Heitz © 2018 

For more information about Hedonic and the services it provides, please visit its official website.

Alternatively, you can browse Serge Heitz Automobiles Consulting’s entire inventory of stock in the Classic Driver Market.