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This Lego Fiat 500 has gone straight on our Christmas wishlist

Lego is on a bit of a roll at the moment with its recreations of such automotive icons as the Ferrari F40 and the Volkswagen Bus. This adorable original Fiat 500 kit proposal was created by a budding Lego architect and, with enough support, could well be put into production…

Beauty of bricks

Italy’s people’s car, the Fiat 500, is more than worthy of its own Lego model, and this 1,157-piece kit is a brilliant proposal for the brick-building giant to consider. The details are extraordinary and evoke the romance of la dolce vita, from the deck-lid luggage rack (complete with optional luggage) and 500cc engine to the historic Italian number plates and folded roof insert. It’s just an idea for now, but should it receive enough support, Lego will consider putting it into production – hopefully just in time for Christmas...

Photo / Video: Gabrielle Zannotti

You can find a selection of Fiat 500s listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.