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Enjoy the ultimate Porsche soundtrack… indoors

No space for a Porsche 904 Carrera or a 917/30? Fear not – these one-fourth and one-third scale miniature (and runnable) engines could well be the next best things…

Entirely handcrafted by Canadian engineer Herb Jordan, these miniature Porsche engines – one a scale replica of the Carrera ‘Four-Cam’, the other of the turbocharged 917/30’s flat-12 – are fully operational, though admittedly haven’t been run for many years. They will be offered by RM Sotheby’s at its ‘Driven by Disruption’ sale on 10 December, both estimated at 20,000-30,000 dollars. With some careful fettling, you could be enjoying the distinct Porsche engine notes (albeit at a much higher pitch) without having to brave the cold this Christmas. 

Photos: RM Sotheby's

You can find the full catalogue for the RM Sotheby’s Driven by Disruption sale, taking place on 10 December 2015 in New York, listed in the Classic Driver Market.