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Drive into summer with these stylish essentials from the Classic Driver Shop

It’s once again time to hit the road towards the heat of your favourite summer destination, be it Malibu or the Costa Smeralda. Apart from the sunscreen, you can find all the stylish essentials you need to make the most of your holidays this summer in the Classic Driver Shop…

There are so many ways we’d like to spend the coming summer months, especially having been in lockdown for the last few months because of the wretched coronavirus. Cruising along the boulevard of Venice beach aboard one of Banzai’s reissued skateboards, relaxing by the pool shielded from the sun by Vallon’s Surf Aviators, behind the wheel of a classic car with one of Charabanc’s fragrances prominent in the air, or kicking back at Cool & Vintage’s spectacular villa in the chic Portuguese seaside town of Comporta, for example. Fortunately, the Classic Driver Shop is fully stocked with stylish summer essentials

Summer essentials in the Classic Driver Shop