De Rosa and Pininfarina design ultimate Italian road bike

Italy is now the most successful bicycle producer in Europe, and the market is still growing. In light of this, the traditional Milanese bicycle brand De Rosa has teamed up with Pininfarina to create a true high-tech missile…

Some 1.8 million bicycles were built in Italy in 2014, of which 1.6 million were sold – those are encouraging figures, illustrating Italian two-wheelers’ popularity around the world. As such, De Rosa and Pininfarina – two flagship names of Italian design – have joined forces to produce road bicycles. The pair’s first model, the De Rosa SK Pininfarina, weighs a scant 6.7kg thanks to the use of carbonfibre and ultra-lightweight 3D printed parts. Look a little closer, and you’ll find more traditional Italian cycling names – the drivetrain from Campagnolo and the saddle from Selle Italia, for example.

Photos: De Rosa