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You’ll never experience the al fresco fury of the 963HP drop-top LaFerrari

It was only a matter of time before Ferrari confirmed the rumours that had been circulating for so many months. A limited edition drop-top LaFerrari will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October, not that you’ll be able to buy one – the undisclosed production run is completely sold out…

Horse whispering

Talk about ways to steal someone’s thunder – no sooner had Aston Martin revealed its radical AM-RB 001 hypercar than Ferrari chose to finally lift the lid on its worse-kept secret – the convertible LaFerrari. The illustrious Modenese marque is remaining tight-lipped about details such as the car’s name and the number that will be produced, but it has confirmed that it will feature both removable carbon-fibre and soft tops, and boast identical performance figures to the 950bhp coupé thanks to extensive strengthening of the chassis and honing of the aerodynamics. 

Photos: Ferrari

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