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The 937hp Valhalla is Aston Martin’s take on the Porsche 918

Aston Martin’s first series-production mid-engined supercar borrows Porsche’s hypercar blueprint and combines it with Mercedes’ most potent engine ever to create one achingly beautiful Nurburgring contender.

What better time for Aston Martin to reveal its first mid-engined supercar than the same year that they return to Formula One for the first time in 60 years? Clearly Aston have been putting their new CEO, Tobias Moers, and their fresh cash injection from one Lawrence Stroll to good use, because hot on the heels of the otherworldly Valkyrie is this more approachable, but no less desirable Valhalla. You might remember the initial Valhalla concept car from 2019, but this is an entirely different beast. That first car’s design has been comprehensively reworked, as has the powertrain. Now using the flat plane crank twin-turbo out of the AMG GT Black Series, combined with two electric motors connected to the front wheels, the Valhalla puts out a mighty 937hp and weighs less than 1550kg. 

The powertrain might sound awfully familiar, as it’s nearly identical to the layouts used by Porsche’s 918 and Ferrari’s SF90, but the Valhalla manages to undercut both in terms of weight by around 100 kilos, ensuring a superior power-to-weight ratio. Astoundingly for a car with bodywork this svelte, the Valhalla manages to produce 600 kilos of downforce at 150mph. As a result, it’s eyeing up a Nurburgring lap time of just 6 minutes 30 seconds, 13 seconds faster than the current King of the ‘Ring, the AMG GT Black series, with which this car shares a V8. Unlike the 918 or the Valkyrie, the Valhalla isn’t a limited production car, and Aston will build as many as sales demand. However, with a price tag of around €600,000 plus taxes, is this the cut-price 918 you were waiting for, or do you think Ferrari’s cheaper and equally jaw-dropping SF90 will leave the Valhalla dead on arrival?