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We love to hate red interiors – but these 5 cars just do it right!

It can seem like a fun idea to spec your sportscar in a subtle silver or grey, just to spice it up with a bright red leather interior, but the results often feel a bit cliché – or like a 1980s BDSM studio on wheels. Still, for these five cars, the proven recipe for disaster miraculously worked out.

All Hail the Original

If you want to go for a silver-over-red classic, at least go for the original. Mercedes-Benz made the colour combo famous in the 1950s and this wonderful Gullwing, finished in the quintessential shade of silver over a red leather interior accented with Ulster Tartan plaid seat inserts, proves that the styling still perfectly fits the timeless silhouette and understated beauty of German engineering. 




Cancan, anyone?

Maybe it’s the cloudy Paris sky or the memories of Cancan dancers swinging their shirts in the backrooms of Montmartre, but somehow this French 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello light-footedly refutes our argument that Italian sportscars should rather avoid the red leather cliché. Painted in the borderline boring shade of Grigio Titanio, this timeless grand tourer almost blends with the Haussmann style background of Rive Gauche. That is, until you open the door, breathe the cognac scent of the patinated red leather seats, grab the open-gated gearstick and let the V12 roar to life.




Devil inside

Nothing says midlife crisis like a Lamborghini with red leather seats. While the white-over-red Countach is still considered to be the epitome of 1980s softporn spec, this black first-series Lamborghini Diablo with its smooth, dark red leather seats and matching Alcantara ceiling matches the zeitgeist of the early 1990s without looking beyond the back streets of your local red light district. Put on your vintage Armani power suit and you will have to sign autographs during your next espresso pitstop at the Autogrill.




Trigger Warning

While green-over-red cars should generally come with a trigger warning, as the world’s most unsettling complimentary contrast is said to cause seizures for sensitive viewers, this Aston Martin DB4 might excite buyers beyond the Super Mario cast and the rather small scene of elfs and trolls active in historic racing. Painted in classic Aston Martin green and with a Red Connolly leather interior, green carpets and a beautiful wooden steering wheel, this race-ready Series II DB4 is the living proof that there is an exception to every rule of colour theory.




When Marmite meets Mint

While the Morgan Aero 8 is certainly one of the quintessential British marmite cars, an automobile so quirky and eccentric you can only love it or hate it, this weirdly wonderful roadster combines the oddball design with the most bizarre colour combination imaginable: Porsche Ice Mint Green over a Burgundy leather interior with matching suede seat inserts, red seat piping and a Burgundy soft top. Even for British standards, this combo needs some proper stamina to pilot around London – maybe wearing a hawaian shirt, a caramel coloured velour bomber jacket and a golden vintage Daytona? You couldn’t make this car up, but somehow it works so well we instantly forgot what we were complaining about.