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It doesn’t get much rarer – or weirder – than these Marmite cars

When did you last see a TVR Grantura, Marco Minimarcos or Neckar Mistral on the road? We’ve been writing about cars for more than 20 years, but for some of the four-wheeled curios RM Sotheby’s is currently selling online, we had to check their spelling twice…

Agreed, we all love our Porsche 911s and Jaguar E-types, but if you really want to stand out from the collector car crowd this summer, we suggest plumping for something less classic and more, um, curious. Currently, RM Sotheby’s is selling a hoard of European cars from the Petitjean Collection, online and entirely without reserve. And between the iconic sports cars and Grand Tourers, there are some wonderfully weird automotive creatures that we’d either long forgotten about or simply never knew existed. The Brits have coined the term ‘Marmite cars’ for these kind of unusual vehicles – those you either love or you hate. Just imagine prowling around Kensington in a Ligier JS2, a Ginetta G33 or a Marcos GT, leaving the countless supercar spotters clueless. And how understated would you feel valet parking your Bitter CD or Matra Djet between the flashy Lamborghinis and Ferraris at the Ritz? Bidding ends on 11 June, so best be quick! 

Our favourite Marmite cars from RM Sotheby's