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Want to race a Porsche in 1970s Holland? Just commit a crime

Picture the scene, it's 1970s Amsterdam and you’ve just run out of the bank with bags of cash. As you dive in to your Alfa Romeo GT Junior, these two Porsches come sliding round the corner. What a car chase that would be!

The two Porsche’s in question are a 1974 2.4 Targa and a 356CS which is just one of ten special cars delivered to the Dutch police force after official production had ceased in 1965. Of course the cars are still fitted with the all-important Police radio, stop signs, first aid kit and lest we forget, sirens!

So, what crime would you be willing to commit to have these two classic Porsches chase you down on the mean streets of Amsterdam? A what car would you choose as your getaway car? We know it’s a bit old, but we love the idea of a Coombs MkII Jaguar!

Photo: Abel Carphotography © 2021