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Unmistaken identity – the Aston Martin DB range is 70 years old

Seventy years ago, Aston Martin — then under the new ownership of David Brown — launched the DB1. Since then, close to half of all Astons built have been DB models. At this year’s Beijing Motor Show, Aston paid tribute by assembling the current DB family together for the first time…

Aston Martin’s backbone

Comprising both the V8- and V12-powered DB11 Coupés and the V8-only DB11 Volante, Aston Martin’s DB range, as it always has done, represents the marque’s core values of quality, performance, and beauty, and continues to write David Brown’s legacy. A year after the industrialist’s acquisition of the company in 1947, Brown launched the 2-litre Sports — later referred to as the DB1. However, it was the subsequent DB2 that set a precedent for the post-War Aston Martin — a blueprint that’s still referred to this day. That car forged the way for such great models as the DB4GT, DB5, James Bond’s bespoke DB10, and the modern-era DBS. And the story will continue with the introduction of the new DBS Superleggera later this year. 

Photos: Aston Martin

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