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Turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB to replace 458 Italia

The new Ferrari 488 GTB replaces the outgoing 458 while harking back to its mid-engined V8 ancestors, such as the 308 GTB…

Top of the news agenda is the inevitable arrival of turbocharging in a modern, mid-engined V8 Ferrari. Like its California stablemate, a blown, 3.9-litre engine powers the 488 GTB, although Ferrari is adamant that the two engines are very different in feel and character. That’s unlikely to soften the blow from which purists are no doubt still reeling, however.

What’s in a name?

The 488 GTB – named as such to reference cylinder capacity (488cc each) and the familiar Gran Turismo Berlinetta appellation – conjures an impressive 660bhp, enough to eclipse not only its 458 Italia and 458 Speciale predecessors, but also the 641bhp of the rival McLaren 650S. However, the Woking firm will soon release the 675LT ‘Long Tail’ at the same Geneva Motor Show at which the 488 GTB will also debut, promising an exciting start to the next round of supercar shoot-outs.

Name and basic layout aside, other references to the Ferrari 308 GTB include a large front air-intake, part of a package of aerodynamic measures that increases downforce by 50% in comparison to the previous model. Ferrari also claims to have paid great attention to tuning the engine’s sound, maintaining that the blown engine will have the type of soundtrack expected from the marque.

The Ferrari 488 GTB will go into production in September, following its March reveal in Geneva and the winding-down of 458 production this summer.

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