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Touring’s Berlinetta Lusso is a Ferrari F12 in classic clothing

Two years after revealing the stunning Disco Volante, Touring Superleggera has unveiled a Ferrari-based follow-up in the form of the Berlinetta Lusso. It uses the same recipe as its Alfa-based antecedent: hand-beaten coachwork inspired by a design classic, clothing a modern rolling chassis…

A homage to the Ferrari 166 MM

For this year’s Geneva show, Louis de Fabribeckers’ design team has crafted a new interpretation of the Ferrari F12berlinetta using classic design principles, chiefly inspired by the lines of the legendary Ferrari 166 MM. While the original was designed primarily for competition (hence ‘MM’, for Mille Miglia), Touring’s latest special is intended purely for use as a Grand Tourer – although the performance it inherits is certainly not to be trifled with. The subtle restyling includes a bonnet, boot-lid, diffuser and rear apron all hand-beaten in aluminium using traditional coachbuilding techniques, yet the contemporary performance figures of the donor car remain unchanged.

Five examples, 5,000 man-hours each

Touring plans to build only five examples of the Berlinetta Lusso. Customers will be required to submit their own F12berlinetta for the conversion, and wait six months for the 5,000 man-hours of work to be completed. As you might expect, prices are available on request only.

Photos: Touring Superleggera

Interested parties can find many Ferrari F12berlinettas for sale in the Classic Driver Market.