Topless on Pebble Beach: Monterey greets the BMW Zagato Roadster

It took just six weeks for BMW and Zagato to collaboratively create this: the Roadster version of the BMW Zagato Coupé first seen at Villa d’Este in May. The BMW Zagato Roadster is now wowing American crowds at Pebble Beach.

The previous collaboration had already proved the success of the synergy between the Bavarian giant and the esteemed Italian coachbuilder – in fact, the result was finished so well that both companies received many enquiries regarding the estimated production date, despite it still being in its conceptual stage.

But even with both houses so obviously on the same wavelength, the Roadster’s six-week development time must be regarded with wonder. “Our success in finishing the car in such a short space of time shows what is possible when two successful companies pool their resources,” says Andrea Zagato. “BMW is a high-achieving carmaker boasting a vast well of knowledge and technical capability in this area. When you combine that with our expertise in the creation of micro-series cars and our streamlined production processes, everything is in place to produce a beautiful model like the BMW Zagato Roadster in double-quick time.”


Topless on Pebble Beach: Monterey greets the BMW Zagato Roadster
Topless on Pebble Beach: Monterey greets the BMW Zagato RoadsterTopless on Pebble Beach: Monterey greets the BMW Zagato Roadster

The Roadster continues the themes explored by the Coupé (for example the unique body sculpturing and Zagato’s take on the signature BMW kidney grille), and then adds a few more of its own. Take the forward-leaning roll bars for example; they’re designed to be reminiscent of aviation, albeit covered with leather. And the ‘double bubble’ roof so characteristic of Zagato is not completely lost despite the canvas roof – instead, the rear deck has a pair of bulges which serve to honour this tradition while also accentuating the car’s muscular proportions towards the ever-so-slightly more tapered rear end.

So, we know the car’s story; now all we’re waiting for is the announcement of a small-series production run…

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Photos: BMW

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