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These two Mazda MX5 concepts were subject to a crash diet

In collaboration with a number of aftermarket parts suppliers, Mazda has created two special lightweight convertible concepts – the Speedster and the Spyder, both of which take inspiration from simple roadsters of old…

Old-school spirit

Revealed by Mazda North America ahead of their debut at the SEMA motor show in Las Vegas, the two concepts capitalise on the core strengths of the fiercely popular MX5, but push the envelope further in terms of weight reduction and sporting ability. The Speedster, for example, features a wind deflector in place of the windscreen, carbonfibre doors and seats, and specially made lightweight wheels, all of which result in a tantalisingly low 943kg dry weight. While the MX5 might not be a car we would ordinarily feature on Classic Driver, we thought these two pared-back convertibles capture the quintessential spirit of old-school open-top motoring. 

Photos: Mazda

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