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These renders have us dreaming of Porsche’s return to Dakar

With Audi already heavily invested in their own cutting-edge Dakar prototype, these renders of an electric Porsche off-road racer from designer Kamil Kozik don’t seem too far fetched…

The Dakar Rally has birthed some of the most spectacular prototypes and homologation specials of any race series. The Paris-Dakar set the stage for the Porsche 959’s first gruelling outing, while plenty of other automotive legends have emerged from the world’s most challenging endurance race  - take the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution for example. However, it’s been a while since Stuttgart has fielded a Dakar competitor, and these renders from talented designer Kamil Kozik (@kamil.kozik.des) have us thinking it’s about time they returned. 

Clearly inspired by Audi’s current Dakar prototype, the hybrid RS Q e-tron, Kozik has dubbed his creation the Porsche Dakar D01. While the RS Q e-tron uses an electric drivetrain coupled with a petrol-powered range extender, Kozik envisions the D01 as a purely electric desert missile. Considering the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT already share a good chunk of their electric drivetrain, we think it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Porsche to use Audi’s current Dakar competitor as a launch platform for their theoretical future Dakar campaign. 

However, whether this becomes a reality or not, what we love most about the D01 is how masterfully Kozik has translated the design language of Porsche’s most recent concept cars and prototypes into a desert-destroying off-roader. The signature full-width rear light bar makes an appearance, while the front has definite shades of the Porsche Mission R concept. Who knows, maybe the 992-generation 911 Dakar and Romain Dumas’ recent ascent of a Chilean volcano in a prototype off-road 911 are hinting at things to come. We certainly hope so!

Images by Kamil Kozik