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These 10 perfect McLarens are for sale. Which one would you pick?

They are purveyors of the craziest looking cars to roll off the production line, while often still being available for something of a bargain. Now, we’ve gathered 10 examples of McLaren’s finest machinery, all available in the Classic Driver Market.

McLaren is a brand that offers a supercar for just about anyone. Anyone looking to travel biblically quickly that is, as well as tackle apexes at gut-churning speeds. McLaren are true connoisseurs of crazy, and there have been some real standouts over the years. 

Sure, they may all look slightly similar, and many share the same chassis and engine components, but their outrageous looks, even way back to the now somewhat subdued-looking MP4-12C, are enough to make anyone double take as they glide down the road. For those looking for an all-out race car with number plates, models like the 675LT and 720S are prime examples of McLaren holding nothing back, creating some of the most engaging supercars on the market. If exclusivity is your thing, the McLaren Speedtail is your ticket to greatness – boasting over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 250mph. Although the Senna, P1 and Elva are rare in their own right, the Speedtail takes the crown, with a mere 106 examples being produced. 

So, if you’re itching for a wrestling match against a true titan of the motorsport world, go for a McLaren. The hard part is choosing which one, with the used market awash with fantastic examples at seriously tempting prices. Whichever you go for, just make sure you’re ready for warp speed!


Here are ten of our favourite examples from the Classic Driver Market: