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Snapshot, 1963: Something sinister in the woods?

The early 1960s saw Mercedes release this strange image of the new SL 230 deep in the woods. Are we about to witness a crime? Classic Driver follows the trail...

It’s a grey winter day; the trees have shed their leaves, and we imagine an eerie silence. A brand-new Mercedes-Benz SL 230 is parked to the side of a trail, and to the left of the picture, we see two people disappearing off into the woods. A harmless Sunday stroll, you might say. But some details arouse suspicion: the couple is dressed a little too formally for a casual wander. And why is the driver’s side window wound down in such low temperatures? We could be witnessing an affair, or a short escapade during a business trip. Or perhaps something more sinister – could the man, whose head is bowed slightly, be in search of a secluded location to eliminate his unpleasant wife?

Send us your interpretation of what’s happening in the picture to [email protected]. The most creative answer will be published.

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