Ravage have painted their Alpine A110 rally rocket like a fighter jet

Last spring, Ravage revealed their vision for a Group B-ready Alpine A110 in a deceivingly subtle shade of midnight blue. Now their mental machine is getting the livery it deserves.

French automotive sorcerers, Ravage, have given their first car, “Modèle Zéro”, the outfit it perhaps always deserved. Gone is the stunning yet demure midnight blue paint, making way for a suitably shouty livery that matches the Mirage 2000c fighter jets of the 2/5 Ile de France Squadron to celebrate their 80th Anniversary. The main reason for this according to Ravage, however, is because “Ravage rhymes with Mirage, the rhyme was too good not to follow through”, slightly tenuous, but when you see these images you’ll agree it’s as good a reason as any. If that isn’t a bedroom wall poster, we don’t know what is. 

As a quick reminder, the Alpine Ravage ‘Group 4’ is a “What if?” project that imagines what an Alpine A110 would look like if the Group B rally class had continued to this day. As such it’s had a shedload of carbon fibre thrown at it, a brace of Cibie lights, some engine fettling to get it over 300hp, and adjustable shocks and a wider track. The result speaks for itself, but if you would like to know more you can read about it here. We simply can’t wait to see what Ravage does next. 

Photos by Walter Babic and Thierry Murcia