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Rare spectacle: Alpine A110 1800VA East African Safari in action

Only five examples of the Alpine A110 1800VA were made by the factory motorsport department ‘Service Course’ in 1974 and 1975. One of them is today, after extensive restoration, back in its original condition, as the following video demonstrates...

Only rally drivers of the calibre of Jean Pierre Nicolas and Gérard Larousse were allowed to sit behind the wheel of the A110 1800VA factory cars. However, one of the five Alpines was sold as a ‘Client Competition’ version to Nairobi, Kenya – when Robert ‘Rob’ Glen acquired the specially prepared Berlinette for entry into the East African Safari Rally. “I purchased the Alpine fully equipped from the factory and flew it to Kenya, where I rallied it for two years. As you may imagine, it was a fantastic car,” says Rob, many decades later.

The Alpine experts from alpineLAB found this rare car in Africa and brought it back to Europe in a sorry state. Here, the car was lovingly restored thanks to 3000 man-hours of careful work – and now the results can be seen and heard.

Photos/Video: alpineLAB

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