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This prototype Lamborghini Miura is PoloStorico’s first restoration

To celebrate the legendary Miura’s 50th birthday, Lamborghini’s new PoloStorico restoration department completely overhauled the 1971 Geneva Motor Show car in time to present it at the 2016 Amelia Island Concours…

After a restoration process that took more than a year to complete, this Lamborghini Miura SV, chassis #4846, has been returned to the condition in which it was displayed on Bertone’s stand at the Geneva show in 1971. Finished in its mesmerising original colour of Verde Metallazata (Metallic Green), the pre-production car – effectively the ‘missing link’ between the S and SV models – has become an initiator for the second time in its life: the restoration is the first to be completed by PoloStorico, the marque’s new in-house heritage division. Numerous documents and drawings from the department’s archive were consulted in order to perfectly replicate the original interior colour and unique features that the beauty boasted in period.

“This is a very important car, not only for its place in history as the Geneva show car and the forerunner of future Miura SV models built, but as the first completed project of Lamborghini PoloStorico,” said Enrico Maffeo, Head of PoloStorico. “We are delighted to be able, with the consent of the owner, to show this car for the first time in its perfectly restored state, at the important Amelia Island event. This is the year in which the Lamborghini Miura celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. This car not only illustrates the iconic appeal of the Miura, widely acknowledged as the forerunner of modern super sports models, but is also a perfect example of the expertise available in Lamborghini PoloStorico in providing the most authentic Lamborghini restorations.”

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