Project Rekall envisions a time-warped 1990s Maserati restomod

Inspired by the Maserati Shamal and its edgy sister cars from the 1990s, the creatives behind Maserati’s new think tank Fuoriserie have designed the ultimate Trident restomod collector car. Now it’s on the community to make it real.

Let’s talk straight: The Maseratis from the 1990s like the Biturbo, the Ghibli and the Shamal are certainly not among the most reliable cars in automotive history. But with their distinct shapes, wide wheel arches and quirky details, they always had a certain swagger and street credibility. And since a couple of years, we simply cannot stop thinking about these wedge-shaped, understated and passive-aggressive Italian sports coupes. Somehow, they have turned from forgotten sleepers and junkyard queens to the hot thing of the hour. So why not pay tribute to these quintessential Maseratis from the 1990s with a contemporary restomod? 

Consulted by Carlo Borromeo – the influential designer who penned the Delta Futurista for Automobili Amos – and the free spirits at Garage Italia in Milan, the artists at Maserati’s new personalization programme Fuoriserie have launched Project Rekall and drafted a razor-sharp sports coupe that draws inspiration from the Shamal and other quintessential Maseratis from the 1990s and remixes them with a very contemporary twist. One could say that after three decades, Maserati’s design language of the 1990s has reached its final evolution.   

Right now, the Maserati from Project Rekall only exists in drawings. It’s an internal proposal, the visualization of an idea that comes straight from the future – a future straight out of a Paul Verhoeven movie, just how we would have imagined it in 1991 or 1992. Now it’s on us, the media and the automotive community to continue the narrative – and write the next chapter in this exciting project. Could this restomod actually be built by Maserati as a limited-edition series? Would it be powered by a classic V8 or an electric engine? Should the quirky Cartier dashboard clock be replaced by a smart watch? If you have an opinion or idea, head over to the Maserati Fuoriserie channel on Instagram, let them know what you think – and contribute to this exciting project. 

The Classic Driver team is delighted to play a small part in this project as well. On 24 November at 1900 CET, Carlo Borromeo will join our next episode of Classic Driver Live to talk about Project Rekall and the cars that inspired it. So follow us on Instagram and tune in next Tuesday to learn more.

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