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Is this 'Prancing Workhorse' Ferrari 412 pick-up brave or blasphemous?

Badged as ‘the world’s most exclusive pick-up truck’, this converted Ferrari 412 is definitely among the more bizarre vehicles we’ve ever seen bearing the Prancing Horse. That’s not to say it doesn’t possess a certain charm, though…

The conversion was carried out by Will Trickett who, in the process of chopping 300mm from the 1989 412’s roof, also added some other unique features, all in a bid to create the ‘ultimate builder’s workhorse’. These include a luxury yacht-inspired teak rear deck – though for pots of paint and ladders rather than bikini-clad sunbathers – and improved rear suspension for those extra-heavy loads. If the thought of taking an angle grinder to a Ferrari makes you wince, you’re not alone.

Wonderful or wince-worthy?

It also features an exhaust-valve system, which is said to transform the car from angry and loud to quiet and refined at the mere flick of a switch, meaning that you won’t disturb the Bishops Avenue residents while on an early-morning job – perfect. 

Regardless of whether you like or loathe the car, allegedly the Ferrari 412 – arguably one of the lesser-loved Prancing Horses, let’s not forget – had seen better days. As blasphemous as it might sound, perhaps breathing some life into the old workhorse isn’t such a bad thing after all? The car’s owner even mentioned that Ferrari technicians had supposedly praised the conversion. We wouldn’t hold our breath for the Classiche papers to arrive, though...

Photos: London Motor Group