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This is Porsche and Gran Turismo’s vision for the electric supercar of the future

Porsche and Polyphony Digital present the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo ahead of the much-anticipated 7th edition of the racing sim series. If this is what the electric future of the supercar will look like, we’re all for it.

Ahead of Gran Turismo 7’s release on March 4th next year, Porsche and Polyphony Digital have dropped this seriously tasty teaser - the virtual and all-electric Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, which will be exclusive to the new game. Freed from the constraints of series production car design, Porsche used this opportunity to flex their design department and produce their vision for a zero-compromise electric super car of the future. 

Unlike many of the current high-performance EVs on the market today, instead of plonking a car body on top of a batter bank, Porsche have used the freedom of electric vehicle architecture to create a car with “an especially sporty height-to-width ratio”, in layman’s terms it’s super low and super wide. However, you won’t need a design degree to notice the incredibly low-set bonnet and pronounced wings, adding a touch of Le Mans prototype to the virtual EV supercar. While the front is meant to take visual cues from the Taycan, the rear is immediately reminiscent of the Porsche Mission R concept car we first saw in September, minus the swan neck wing of course. 

Head inside the cockpit via the front-hinged clamshell and you’ll find a curved hologram display and a very snug, very low seating position. Despite being primarily a virtual supercar, Porsche say they spent a long time considering the materials used in the interior, finally landing on a mix of titanium and carbon, which we must admit isn’t exactly a shocking choice for a track-focused supercar. Porsche also claim only vegan materials were used in the concept car, something we’re sure the virtual cows will all be thankful for. Jokes aside, we think you’ll agree this is one spicy concept, and if this a preview of things to come for Stuttgart then we can’t wait for the future!

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