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Roarington provides a virtual home for classic cars in Metaland

Ever wondered what will happen to all our beloved classic cars once we upload our consciousnesses to the digital world? Roarington has the solution, starting in Metaland.


While the future of the collector car world is undoubtedly a bright one, we have to wonder what will happen to the Lamborghini Miuras and Pininfarina Modulo Prototypes of the world when we all upload our consciousnesses to the virtual realm. The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) has clearly also been pontificating upon the issue because they have now announced Roarington, the Classic Car Metaland. It certainly sounds exciting, “But what does it mean?” we hear you cry. Roarington’s aim is to give the automotive cultural icons of the 20th century a second digital life in the 21st century, thus making them more accessible to the next generation of petrol heads. 

To kick things off, Roarington has created three different digital exhibitions where you can virtually walk around, and even sit inside, legendary cars such as the Pininfarina Modulo Prototype, Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato, and Lamborghini Miura P400. The first exhibition is dedicated to some of Pininfarina’s legendary designs, the second pays homage to the equally iconic carrozzeria Zagato, and the third showcases two stunning cars from The Kaiser Collection, owned by Fritz Kaiser. These aren’t just your average 3D models either: each car is scanned in real life using an industrial 3D scanner, and then, using the raw data from the scan, designers replicate the vehicle in painstaking detail. The ‘digital twin’ is then fine-tuned for its intended use, whether it be in a racing simulator, exhibition, or a digital asset in Roarington. Finally, the TCCT provides certificates of authenticity for digital twin and car passes needed to register for race events at Roarington. The level of detail and polish already present is extremely impressive indeed, and we highly recommend you check out Roarington for yourself below!