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The Paris–Dakar Rally Porsche 959 is a whiteout wonder

In 1986, when the 959 raced in the Paris–Dakar Rally, a whiteout would typically be due to a sandstorm in the Western Sahara. Now, digital production studio Ink is utilising the whiteout to honour the 959’s 1-2 victory in this rally and show it in its true lean, mean form…

Tipp-Ex not needed

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been glued to your social media feeds these past few weeks anxiously waiting to see the daily updated images from this year’s Dakar Rally — who doesn’t enjoy seeing waves of sand shooting out of the back of cars, off-road buggies flying over dunes, and motorcycles climbing up mountains? London-based digital production studio Ink is just as engrossed as us by this challenging, demanding, and exciting rally, and in its fourth instalment of the ‘Plain Bodies’ poster series, it’s honouring the 1986 Paris–Dakar Rally-winning Porsche 959. Although famously known in its Rothmans’ white, blue, and red-and-yellow pinstriped livery, Ink has stripped it down to a simple white base, showing off its lean, muscular body and possibly making it even more mean and menacing than ever before…

Photos: Ink 

More information on Ink’s Porsche 959 rendering can be found here