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Watch our chat with Alois Ruf on Classic Driver Live

We have a lot to thank Alois Ruf for – most notably the world’s first ever viral video ‘Faszination Nürburgring’. Our host Philip Rathgen chats with Alois for this week’s edition of Classic Drive Live.

Founded in 1939, Ruf was a small repair shop in Southern Germany. Alois’ father decided to build a bus for excursions and one day in 1963, while heading on a day trip, a Porsche 356 overtook Alois and his father and then crashed! They repaired the car and enjoyed the it until someone stopped them and asked to buy the car. It was at that moment they realised that Porsche people tick differently! By 1982, Ruf was a registered manufacturer and, well, the rest is history. No doubt you grew up watching grainy copies of ‘Faszination Nürburgring’ with Stefan Roser calmly sliding his way around the Nordschleife in the legendary CTR ‘Yellow Bird’. For this week's Classic Driver Live session, our host Philip Rathgen chats with Alois about his amazing journey with Porsche and everything else that makes him tick. You can catch the chat live on our Instagram channel from 1900 CET/1800 BST on 8th December, or afterwards either on our IGTV channel or right here on this page.