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The Morgan Motor Company has taken its ‘gloves off’ for its final Aero

There was nothing holding the Morgan Motor Company when it made its final limited-edition Aero. The proverbial gloves were off, and the car manufacturer has knocked it out with this new race-inspired Aero GT…


Along with bidding farewell to its crown jewel — the Plus 8 — this year, the Morgan Motor Company will also be ending production of its formidable successor, the Aero 8. In proper fashion, the car manufacturer will be sending the model off in style. Built by Morgan’s Special Projects division, a limited-edition, race-inspired Aero GT will be produced. And when we say limited edition, we mean limited — just eight examples will be made. Working with customers to incorporate their own personal preferences, the model will feature new hand-worked wing top louvres, an aerodynamic rear diffuser, a N62 V8 engine, and a manual transmission. If you want to take a look at the new machine before paying the 120,000 GBP price tag, the first example can be seen at the Geneva Motor Show until 18 March.

Photos: Morgan Motor Company

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