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Modern Classics: Porsche 968 CS

It might not have topped the sales sheets in the 1990s, but the Porsche 968 is now enjoying belated success as a classic car, particularly the rare Club Sport variant…

A connoisseur's club

Owing to its robust technology, the Porsche 968 has long been a hot tip among classic car experts. However, prices have only risen slightly in recent years, unlike those of its relative, the Porsche 993, a car that now demands princely sums. The 968 Club Sport, though, is a little different. Introduced in 1992, the lightweight version of the four-cylinder sports car was actually cheaper than its ‘standard’ siblings, joining the range as the entry-level Porsche. Its attractive price coupled with special features such as the M030 sport package, Recaro bucket seats and painted Cup wheels meant sales should have been boosted. But just 1,538 cars were sold; a fraction of the 11,241 968s produced. Good examples today are rare, and demand higher prices than the better-equipped coupés and convertibles. 

Heading north

Anyone who has settled into those Recaros and spent some time at the wheel of the 968 CS will understand why it's so sought after. On our way to the island of Sylt, the northernmost part of Germany, the CS comes up trumps. That large 3.0-litre engine, boasting 240HP, pushes hard and, when combined with the low weight (1,320kg) and a silky six-speed gearbox, it feels as precise now as it did 20 years ago. Comfortable cruising is not the CS’s strong point, despite its long wheelbase, but its taut suspension gives you that ‘seat of the pants’ feeling. With a spartan sports steering wheel, there’s some motorsport theatre, too. 

While it never held a place at the sharp end of the sales statistics, it does hold a place in the hearts of many Porsche enthusiasts. If Porsche were to introduce an entry-level, pared-back, front-engined sports car today, we don't think it could build them quick enough. 

Photos: Jan Richter

 The Porsche 968 CS shown here is currently being offered for sale at Classic Driver dealer Hallier Classic Cars.