McLaren 675LT – Long live the Longtail

McLaren has announced the 675LT that will play show-stand stablemate to the P1 GTR at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. Aimed squarely at the 458 Speciale, the ultra-focused supercar revives the legendary ‘Longtail’ moniker – although perhaps more in ethos than actuality…

Bringing back such an iconic name is a brave move for McLaren – and at first glance, that ‘tail’ transformation isn’t anywhere near as dramatic as that of the famous McLaren F1 GTR from which the moniker is borrowed. However, a look over the spec-list suggests the British manufacturer might have reason. Not only does the 675LT have 25bhp more than the 650S it will sit above in the new ‘Super Series’ but, perhaps more importantly, it's more than 100kg lighter than its sibling. Coincidentally, that’s the same 100kg that was shed when the F1 GTR grew a long tail…

Race-bred, but street-legal

Those facts – and that larger-yet-lighter Longtail airbrake – conspire to create some rather impressive performance figures. The standard sprint to 62mph takes 2.9 seconds, but the 0-124mph time is perhaps more telling, at 7.9 seconds. By comparison, the 458 Speciale takes 9.1 seconds to complete the same feat.

The McLaren 675LT will be offered in five ‘hero’ specifications, each with their own bespoke colours and materials – though, as always, McLaren will happily point you in the direction of the Special Operations division should you wish to be more specific.

Photos: McLaren

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