Market Finds – Size isn’t everything

With modern cars seemingly getting bigger and bigger and even the Mini now betraying its famous name, we took to the Classic Driver Market to remind us of the diminutive automotive delights of old. Suffice to say, they still pack a punch…

Turbo Tot

Complete with the obligatory backwards ‘Turbo’ decals designed to strike fear into those looking into their rear-view mirrors at the Bavarian beast that’s about to overtake them, this 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo currently for sale in Portugal is one of the earlier gems in BMW’s back catalogue. Sports car owners beware – it might be small and relatively unassuming, but this car was engineered for the track. 

Ciao Bella

This boisterous little 1964 Abarth 695 is the quintessential Italian pocket rocket. In hotter ‘SS’ specification with the comedic open engine lid so synonymous with these feisty little racers, this example is crying out for a deserted Italian winding road on which to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and thrashed to within an inch of its life. 

Fulvia throttle

The quirky Zagato body of the Lancia Fulvia carries the stripped-out competition specification of this 1968 model remarkably well. While there’s no passenger seat and, as a result, no chance to share your dream drive, this tricolour triumph is the perfect machine in which to escape from the stresses of modern life. 

Alpine retreat

Comprehensively restored and complete with all-important FIA and FIVA papers, this 1971 Alpine A110 1600 S listed for sale in Belgium could be your perfect companion for a summer of historic road rallies. With a strong rally pedigree, this car was designed to be used in anger – needless to say, the ‘Skandinavian flick’ is wholeheartedly recommended. 

Track terror

A highly decorated racing car, both in the period and in modern historic motorsport, the Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA might have been small in size, but it took the fight to Ferrari, Porsche and the other major manufacturers. This 1965 example is currently for sale in the UK was formerly owned by a certain Patrick Depailler, and looks to be in great condition. 

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