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Mamas & Papas Mercedes SLs for sale

The vast majority of us are indebted to our parents – but these matching Merc SLs could go some way to repaying them, as they boast ‘1 MUM’ and ‘1 DAD’ numberplates…

These matching Mercedes SLs could be the perfect gift for the perfect parents. Recently extracted by Classic Driver dealer William Loughran from the private collection in which they have resided for 20 years, the parental pair is now for sale – available individually, or as a twosome. ‘Dad’ gets a red 420 SL with black leather interior, two ‘occasional’ rear seats and a red hardtop; ‘Mum’ gets a pastel blue 380SL with a half-leather and patterned cloth interior (no rear seats), and a silver hard-top. The cherished number plates are included in the sale.

Photo: William Loughran