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Grab the wheel of the last purist sports car Made in Italy

The 8C Competizione is still one of Alfa Romeo’s rarest and most beautiful cars of the 21st century, and there’s one up for grabs at BINGO’s Collection Car No. 14 auction ending this September 4th.

Any veteran petroholic will share a complicated relationship with concept cars. Upon reveal, they’re immediately inspiring and exciting, previewing what’s to come from their respective marques. However, as the name gives away, these beautiful automobiles are usually just that: concepts never meant to grace our roads. Every once in a blue moon, though, there are exceptions to that rule, and this utterly beguiling 2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is one of them. 

The stunning Italian supercar first broke cover in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a static design study. With a name that referenced the Alfa Romeo 6C Competizione of the 1940s and a design heavily influenced by Alfa’s greatest hits from the 1950s and 1960s, such as the TZ, the 8C bordered on the pornographic for any car enthusiast with a pulse. But it was just a concept.

Then, in 2007, the impossible became a reality. Alfa Romeo announced that they would build a production version of the 8C that looks virtually identical to the concept.1,400 orders flooded in for the stunning Italian sports card, but in the end, only 500 8C Competiziones and 500 8C Spiders were built, making them far rarer than the majority of modern Ferraris you’ll  see on the street today.

This stunning black example wears two optional Quadrifoglio badges on its flanks, and packs a 450hp Ferrari-built V8 up-front. Inside, you’ll find a sea of sumptuous red leather, although this is arguably one of those rare examples where we’d prefer to pull up a chair and admire the bodywork than take it for a spin. The black cherry on top of this extremely enticing package is the car’s shockingly low mileage of 4,011 miles. So, if you’ve fallen for this Italian temptress, then be sure to mark BINGO’s Collection Car No. 14 auction ending on September 4th in your calendar.