This is the future of Audi design

Audi has revealed the Prologue: a large concept coupé that not only previews the design direction of all future production models – but also possibly foreshadows a mooted A9 flagship coupé…

Revealed at the 2014 L.A. Motor Show, the Prologue is the first model penned by new Head of Design Marc Lichte, brought to Audi from VW earlier this year. The suggestive super-coupé will spearhead his ‘design offensive’, setting the template for future Audis in terms of both exterior and interior design. We’re promised that the days of Christmas tree headlights and generic styling across the range – whether small hatchback or monstrous SUV – are over, replaced by elegant yet muscular designs.

Perfect proportions

It’s no coincidence that this styling overhaul has manifested itself in the first instance as a large, two-door, four-seat GT: Audi is said to be guiding such a car towards production, taking aim squarely at the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé. Inheriting some of the Prologue’s features would certainly make the prospective A9’s job easier. Beyond well-thought-out proportions and crisp surface treatments, the Prologue also references the past (see the early-Quattro-style arches) while embracing the future with features such as a ‘Butler’ that recognises the driver by his smartphone, and adjusts the seat, mirrors and air-con settings to suit. Let's hope Lichte’s work means you won’t also need it to tell you which model you’re driving.

Photos: Audi