The Ecurie Ecosse Transporter

Forever associated with the famous Flag Blue Metallic Jaguars entered by the Edinburgh–based racing team, the space-age transporter based on a Commer truck is one of motor racing’s most recognisable sights.

The idea for an ‘appropriate’ transporter to carry Scotland’s finest from circuit to circuit was hatched in the late '50s, just after the team’s second victory at Le Mans. Using a Commer truck as a base, and with generous support from the Ecurie Ecosse association and countless trade sponsors, it was designed and built by Walter Alexander and Company of Falkirk, Scotland.

It made its first appearance at the Scottish circuit, Charterhall, on 29 May 1960.

Having passed through several owners after the original Ecurie Ecosse was wound down in 1971, the transporter made famous by the 1960s Corgi model was bought by Ecurie Ecosse collector Dick Skipworth and totally restored by Lynx.

Today, it is a familiar sight at historic motor racing meetings worldwide, including the Goodwood Revival, carrying three of Skipworth’s ex-Ecosse racing cars.

Photos: John Mayston-Taylor

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