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Deep-rooted Bond: The first-ever Aston Martin DB4 for sale

Currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market is the grandfather of all Newport Pagnell DB Astons: the very first production DB4 built, chassis number 101. It’s little wonder, then, that Dutch dealer Zwakman Motors is offering the car at £2.6m, with no opportunity for a festive discount…

Built in 1958, chassis DB4/101/R was the first DB-badged Aston to glide through the halls of the then-new Newport Pagnell factory. The car is well known in the Aston community, and was lovingly restored by Works Service in the 1980s. Being one of the first batch made, it has the frameless side windows, a rear-hinged bonnet and simpler bumpers. Following the restoration, it was sold to a new owner in the early 90s, with whom it stayed until 2005. It's remained in Mr Zwakman’s personal collection ever since, and he told us: “It’s still in superb condition and drives like it would have when it was new, but it’s now become far too valuable for me to use as a daily driver.” We’re sure it’s with much reluctance that he chose to sell it on, but owning such a piece of motoring history will no doubt make someone very happy this Christmas.

Photos: Zwakman Motors

You can find this party-starting Aston Martin DB4 in the Classic Driver Market.

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