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This Aston Martin DB4 lets you continue where the world’s best racers left off

Limited to just 25 cars, this Aston Martin DB4 Continuation bridges the gap between pure analogue thrills and modern engineering. Now, thanks to B.I. Collection, your dreams of racing in a similar fashion to Moss and Salvadori can become a reality!

Do you remember a time where the biggest controversy was around continuation cars? Long before a global pandemic and the partygate scandal, the motoring world in particular were sceptical to say the least about the idea of brands metaphorically picking up those tools once put down in the 1950s and 1960s. The fact is, that scepticism was quickly squandered when Aston Martin got involved, following a shock announcement in 2017.

Almost 60 years after the original cars were made, the brand’s iconic DB4 GT would be given the continuation treatment, hand-built on the very same site in Newport Pagnell as its illustrious forebears. A brave move for the brand, but one they naturally whole-heartedly believed in, and one their loyal fanbase instantly fell in love with. 

Returning to Newport Pagnell, Aston Martin’s original birthplace and officially the world’s oldest purpose-built car manufacturing facility, the 25 DB4 GTs used VIN numbers that continued on from the last original example, cementing their authenticity while honouring the heritage of the former cars. Each one was painstakingly hand-built, combining original methods of production alongside modern innovations to ensure they perform as well as they did back in their heyday. Aston Martin claim over 3,000 hours are put into each of the 25 cars, using over 400 factory drawings to ensure every minute detail is faithful to the originals. 

Accuracy was the name of the game for Aston Martin when creating these unique Continuations, but a rare slight departure from the original formula could be found under the bonnet. Aston opted for a more powerful 4.2-litre 340bhp engine, while the decision to add modern safety equipment was made to ensure each drive is an incredible timewarp experience, albiet far safer and more reliable. 

This particular example from B.I. Collection is something truly special, having been converted (most likely at considerable cost) to become road legal for UK roads. This was arguably the DB4 GT’s only downfall upon release, with many eager clients desperate to show off their Continuation on the open road, only to find that they were built strictly for track use. As mentioned, though, this example will allow its lucky new custodian to rack up the miles along British B-roads, and we can think of few better cars to blast along in!

Outside, the car gleams in a rich deep green paint, with a factory-optioned painted roundels and grille lipstick in contrasting yellow, giving the DB4 GT a beautiful yet racy look. Step inside and discover perhaps the ultimate concoction of history and modernity. The original, bus-sized wooden steering wheel contrasts against the extended carbon fibre race seats, which are upholstered in pleated leather with contrast stitching. It is an Aston Martin, after all. Rounding off the extra goodies, the car comes with a host of bespoke tools, as well as an original toolbox which is reportedly valued at 10,000 euros. 

Celebrating the past with the present day in perhaps the coolest way possible, the DB4 GT may have had some doubters when it was first launched, but we think that experiencing golden-era Aston while safely cocooned in a blanket of modern upgrades is not a bad thing at all!




Photos: Fabio Martin