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The Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation is a remastered classic

Available with Cottingham Blue Chip London, this stunning British sports car is one of 25 Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation models built by the historic marque itself. If you want to drive the best possible version of one of the most iconic Astons ever made, this is it.

While the Aston Martin DB5 is easily the best known of the marque’s many amazing sportscars due to its affiliation with one not-so-secret agent, it’s the DB4 GT that many Aston aficionados would jump at the chance to drive. Featuring a lightweight Touring-designed body formed from incredibly thin 18-gauge aluminium alloy and a wheelbase that was five inches shorter than a regular DB4, the GT dropped a whopping 200 pounds compared to the standard car. A lightweight body wasn’t the only weapon in its arsenal, however, because under the bonnet was a fire-breathing straight-six capable of an impressive 302 horsepower. At full tilt, the DB4 GT would reach 153 mph, making it the fastest British car of its day and a serious thorn in Ferrari’s side.

Its first win came in May 1959 at the Silverstone International, where it set a lap record in the process, however, Aston wouldn’t have been allowed to race the DB4 GT at all unless they agreed to officially put the model into production. In total, just 75 examples were built between 1959 and 1963 and today good examples frequently fetch over 3 million dollars. Eager to capitalise on the rampant demand for the coveted sports car, in 2016 Aston Martin announced that they would build 25 track-only ‘Continuation’ cars, which is what you see here.

Each of the 25 DB4 GT Continuations were hand-built to an even higher standard than the original cars. Constructed at Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell, each car took upwards of 3,000 hours to assemble, with Aston utilising a combination of digital scans and over 400 factory drawings to ensure utmost accuracy. They did deviate from the original formula slightly, though, using a more powerful 340 bhp 4.2-litre engine and adding modern safety equipment. This 2018 DB4 GT Continuation presents in as-new condition and is available via Cottingham Blue Chip London with just 113 miles on the clock. If you want to experience a perfect rendition of one of Aston’s finest models, then get in touch!


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