David Brown Automotive is now building brand-new, old Minis

Following the Speedback GT of 2014, David Brown Automotive is now treading on sacred ground with the tweaking of a great British institution, the Mini…

Bang on trend

Handbuilt at the company’s new HQ in Silverstone, the Mini Remastered sees the diminutive dimensions of the Mini interior filled with such modern technology as Apple CarPlay and a seven-inch touch screen display and covered with leather and aluminium additions. The exterior receives the classic custom touch of deseamed panels for a smoother look, and a 1,275cc engine and five-speed gearbox are fitted for modern-day driving. The Mini Remastered aims to be a city car, with the modern additions aiding everyday use without removing the essence of the original car. But, as it's up against stiff competition in the ever-growing restomod field, it remains to be seen whether buyers will deem David Brown’s latest offering enticing…

Photos: David Brown Automotive

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