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Dare to try something new before bidding adieu to the summer

If you’re anything like us, you’re clinging onto the dying embers of summer, making any excuse possible to get out and enjoy the last of the warm weather. You won’t be surprised to learn that, much like a loyal friend, a Land Rover can provide a helping hand, as this fun-filled set demonstrates...

A first time for everything

Paddle-boarding. It’s one of those leisurely fads that we all like the look of, but never get around to actually trying out – but why not? With the nights drawing in and precious warm weather left to enjoy (if you live in the UK, at least), why not get out and give it a go? Our friends at Cool & Vintage did, employing a trusty Land Rover Series 2A for their trip to the lake. We’ll ignore the autumnal shade of paint much like we would a spot of impending stormy weather – who knew a Land Rover looked so ‘right’ in bright orange?

Photos: Cool & Vintage

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